Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rachael Oldfield : Wednesday evening did not attend Tapas.

Rachael ......'.but I was ill on the Tuesday night, erm so on Wednesday, actually on Wednesday it was raining anyway, so I think all, all the tennis lessons and everything were cancelled, erm but so I was ill so, I was in bed”.

1578 “And when you say we, you’re referring to yourself and Matthew”?

Reply “Yes, yeah, erm so yeah Wednesday was slightly different I suppose cos it rained and things were off, although by the afternoon it had cleared up, erm and so on Wednesday night I didn’t go to dinner cos I’d thrown up the night before, you know it was just another weird thing about holiday cos I’m never ill, neither is Matt, as long as I’ve known him I’ve never known him be sick, erm”.

1578 “So you, on the Wednesday evening then, you stayed in the apartment with G***e”?

Reply “Yeah, yeah. I remember reading my book on the sofa for a while and then think I, I went to bed but it would have been quite, you know it would have been about nine, cos I’d been up most of the night before....