Friday, June 17, 2011

November 2007...movement after Paulo Rebelo and his new investigation concluded there was 'no neglect'

Seven children were all together, whose apartment is of no importance, although probably the Paynes as Fiona said they all went there for lunch, they have a balcony and the apartment was much larger than the rest of the members of their party. Plus they had a baby monitor and if the 'babysitter' had any problems they would be able to hear and return to help out.

Madeleine, with her sleep problem, sedated, left alone in apartment 5a, explaining why Mrs.Fenn only heard the screams of one child.

November and the activity that followed, their secret was out, they had ALL lied ,neglect was fabricated to prove abduction.

These are the events that followed.

In my opinion it was true that Jane Tanner and Russell O'Brien wished to change their statements, they were pressured, threatened. Information that a bag had been found with traces of Madeleines DNA  on a fleece and a pair of jeans. Jane Tanner said the night of May 3rd she was wearing Russell's fleece.

There are no reports of this bag in the files therefore it was fabricated, made- up by the McCanns to silence and frighten Tanner and O'Brien. I also believe that the 'missing' blue bag is still in the possession of the McCanns with a pair of jeans and a fleece belonging to Russell.

The bag alleged to have been found containing Madeleines DNA, was reported by the press...November 3rd 2007

04 November 2007....4 Tapas to be made arguidos

09 November 2007

Changes in the evidence of two of the so-called Tapas Nine could "dramatically change" the Madeleine McCann investigation, it was claimed yesterday.

The pair who allegedly want to correct their version of events were named yesterday in a Portuguese newspaper as Russell O'Brian and his partner Jane Tanner

Robert Murat , his mother, Brian Kennedy,his lawyer Edward Smethurst and Murats lawyer Francisco Pagarete met at Burgau on ........Wednesday November 13th 2007.

The Tapas 9 ALL met at Rothley Court Manor .......Saturday November 16th

December 4th 2007. Kate McCann wrote to Paulo Rebelo.

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