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Legal details regarding the reconstruction and Portuguese law

02 May 2008

Table of contents: Vol XVI Page 4303 to 4305

Completed on 2nd May 2008.


The re-enactment of the fact is a procedure set forth in the Portuguese Law (Section 150 of the Portuguese Code of Criminal Procedure, which is below given as part of this order) and consists of re-enacting, as accurately as possible, the situation where an event is said or is supposed to have occurred, and it also consists of repeating the way it has happened.

The re-enactment has, in this inquiry, a rather particular nature, taking into account that it aims at re-enacting facts occurred about a year ago, by means of a proximity to the situation in which they occurred, and also being aware of the inconvenience that a trip to Portugal might represent to a group of British Citizens, although knowing that it represents a milestone of solidarity among friends and towards friends who find themselves in a particularly painful and difficult situation.

It shall also be noted that, although this procedure is considered to be very important to the investigation, it will only take place if all the below mentioned witnesses are present, considering that the arguidos (formal suspects) have already shown they are available to participate in the re-enactment.

The purpose is to gather all the participants - the arguidos Gerald McCann and Kate Healy, the witnesses who were having dinner at the Tapas Restaurant on 3rd May 2007, and who took turns to check on their children who were sleeping in the respective apartments, as well as another witness who spoke with the arguido Gerald, who will perform what they did on the abovementioned date, as accurately as they recall, so that what is in their written statements can be confirmed. This will allow conclusions to be drawn on how things happened on site, thus making adjustments that will allow the investigation to determine the need for any supplemental procedure.

Page 4304 (Page 2 of 3)

The re-enactment that shall have the participation of the abovementioned group of people, as well as of any character whose figurative presence might be necessary to the visualization of the events, shall take place on 15th May, between 5.30 p.m. and 11.00 p.m. On 16th May all the procedure shall be formalized, according to what had already been settled for this date and considering that all the participants meant to be present have already been informed accordingly. This cannot be subject to any change due to the time and place where the procedure shall take place.

The re-enactment will be performed at the space of the abovementioned Restaurant, Block of Apartments where the facts occurred on that date, and in the surrounding area, and it will be carried out by the Policia Judiciária, with the respective video recording and with the cooperation of the Police Authorities required by the PJ.

The arguidos Gerald and Kate shall be notified through their Legal Representatives. The notification of the witnesses David Anthony Payne, Fiona Elaine Payne, Dianne Webster, Russell James O'Brien, Jane Michelle Tanner, Matthew David Oldfield, Rachael Mariamma Jean Mampilly and Jeremy Wilkins shall be made with the cooperation of the British Police, at Policia Judiciária's request.

Each notified person shall receive a copy of this Order - concerning the re-enactment.

Proceed accordingly.

APPENDIX - Copy of Section 150 of the Portuguese Code of Criminal Procedure

Of the re-enactment of events

Section 150

Assumptions and Procedure

1- A re-enactment of events is admissible whenever deemed necessary to ascertain whether a fact could have occurred in a determined way. This consists of reproducing,

Page 4305 (Page 3 of 3)

as accurately as possible, the situation in which the fact is said to have occurred or is supposed to have occurred, as well as of repeating the way it has happened.

2- The Order requring the re-enactment of the fact shall bear a short indication as to it's object, date, time and place where the procedure shall take place as well as to the way it will be carried out, eventually using audiovisual means. The same Order shall appoint experts to carry out specific operations.

3- Publicity of the proceedings shall be avoided as much as possible.

The witnesses are notified of the Prosecutor's decision

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Silvia Batista: 3rd Statement and her Observations most interesting

Translated by Astro:


Pages 1975 - 1977

Witness Statement

Silvia Batista

2007 - 07 - 26

“Concerning the matter of the process, the witness said:

That she has given statements for several times within the process, and remembers the contents of what she stated before, therefore reproducing the contents of the previous statements into this statement.

The deponent offers another statement because with the passage of time, since Madeleine’s disappearance, she has remembered some details of the facts that she witnessed, which she considers of some interest to the investigation.

Like she said before, she was alerted to Madeleine’s disappearance between 10.30 and 11 p.m. She was at home and was informed about the event through a telephone call. She immediately went to the Ocean Club, where she arrived only minutes before the GNR officers. When she arrived at the resort, she went immediately to apartment 5A, where she met several persons both on the inside and on the outside of the apartment. She went into the apartment but left it right away without speaking to anyone, because she was informed that the GNR officers were at the main reception, so she went to meet them.

When she arrived near the GNR officers, she verified that Gerry, Madeleine’s father, was behind her, in the company of another individual whose identity she doesn’t remember. At that moment, Gerry placed both knees on the floor, hit the floor with both hands, too, placing himself like a praying arab, and shouted out twice in rage, and it was not possible to understand what he said. Then Gerry got back on his feet and accompanied the deponent and the other individual who was in the GNR car, to apartment 5A.

Already on location, the deponent entered the apartment and asked those who were present both for the passports of all family members and photographs of the missing person. The deponent walked Gerry to the GNR car, so he could deliver the requested documents. She states that she carried out these diligences, and other diligences, at the request of the GNR Commander as they used the deponent’s knowledge of the English language to translate the questions that were asked from the missing person’s family members, and the answers that were given. She remembers that Gerry gave the GNR Commander several photographs of the missing person. These were postcard-type photographs, taking their size and shape into account. They were actually photographs of the size and shape of a postcard, and they seemed to be all similar to her.

She also realised that from the very first moment on, both Gerry and the rest of the group members insisted in stating that Madeleine had been abducted, all of them using the word “abducted” instead of missing, and they all showed great interest in informing the press about the situation.


The deponent further recalls that she entered the room where Madeleine had been sleeping. She now remembers that the door was closed. The inside of the room was dark.
The shutters were down, and light entered only through its holes.
The windows were closed and the curtains slightly open.
Gerry, who accompanied the deponent during this visit, with the GNR officers also present, said that it had been him who had closed the window because the babies were still sleeping inside, which the deponent could verify as true.

(If Gerry closed the window where are his fingerprints? What evidence is there that the window was ever open ? The McCanns word ! )

Gerry mentioned that when he noticed that Madeleine was missing, he had found the window and shutters open, and the curtains fluttering.The deponent recalls that the cots that were used by the babies were placed in the middle of the room and aligned, and therefore she found it strange that someone could have taken Madeleine from the bed where she was sleeping up to the window, because there was no space to get through.
The deponent opened the bedroom’s wardrobe to check if eventually Madeleine was hiding inside.
Then they all left the room, and someone closed its door again.
The deponent remained in the living room for a while, with the GNR officers, Gerry and the other group members that were there in a frenzy, going in and out and speaking on their mobile phones.
She noticed that none of the group members, including the child’s mother and father, were busy looking for her.
The mother was sitting on the master bedroom’s bed, the father accompanied the deponent and the GNR officers and the other group members walked in and out and spoke on the phone, apparently concerned about informing the press about the event.

She thought that the child’s mother was downbeat with the situation, the father showed his concern and also asked both for the press to be alerted and for dogs to be brought in for the search.
Concerning the others, she can only recall that Fiona and her husband, Payne, were hysterical about the situation.
At a given moment, right after the PJ’s elements arrived, the child’s parents removed the twins from the cots where they still slept, and took them into the apartment on the first floor.
At Kate’s request, the deponent removed the soft toys and a blanket from the cots, and also took them to the first floor. The babies’ cots were left only with the mattresses.

The deponent also wishes to mention that at around 3 a.m. Madeleine’s parents asked for the presence of a priest on location.
They didn’t explain the reason why they wanted a priest, but the deponent found the fact strange as there were no indications that the little girl was dead, and that’s the circumstance under which usually the presence of a priest is requested.

At a given moment, the deponent translated the deposition from one of the ladies that belonged to the group of English people, namely one that she indicates as being a brunette.
This lady told the GNR officers, and the deponent translated, that she had seen a man crossing the road, possibly carrying a child.
The deponent found that situation strange because she was convinced that when she saw this man, the lady was positioned in a spot that has no viewing angle to the location where she had seen the man.

She doesn’t know exactly where the lady was positioned when she saw the man passing by, but she knows that she indicated that she saw him passing on the street that lies in front of the window to the bedroom where Madeleine was, walking into the direction of the street that leads to the Baptista supermarket.

When questioned about the clothes that the English group members wore that night, she mentions that she only remembers that Fiona wore a green blouse, Gerry wore a dark coloured shirt, and Fiona’s husband wore light-coloured trousers, she thinks cream-coloured.

And she stated nothing further.”

Silvia Batista 2nd Statement

Processos Vol V

Pages 1289 – 1290

Witness Statement

Silvia María Correio Ramos Batista

Date: 2007 – 05 – 15

She is responsible for maintenance of the OC resort in P da L. Because of her profession she knows many people from the English community who are resident in P da L.

She knows the Murat family, had done for about 30 years. Mainly Mr Murat and his wife, Jenny. Mr Murat was linked to a civil construction business and the development of tourist resorts, in Salema as far as she knows. Mr Murat died some years ago.

The Murats live in a house near to the OC, called Casa Liliana. When asked she says she does not remember whether the Murats have a son.

When asked, she says that on the night of Madeleine’s disappearance, 3rd May, she was called by her boss at about 22.30. As she lives in Lagos, she arrived shortly afterwards at the resort. There were about 60 people close to apartment 5 A, helping to look for the girl.

She remembers, but is not absolutely certain, given the time that has passed, that from the start, there was an individual helping to look for Madeleine, about 1.70 tall, with sort, light brown hair, with thin framed, brown glasses, who was also helping to search.

She does not remember at what time she saw him. She does not remember how he was dressed. She does not remember whom he was with or know if he arrived on foot or by car.

The same individual, she knew later to be the son of the Murat’s, Robert Murat.

Robert speaks fluent English and Portuguese. He helped the GNR in Lagos, and later the PJ to translate the witness statements of some English individuals.

In principal, she thinks it should be possible to confirm whether Murat was there on the date that Madeleine disappeared as well as other details, with Paul and June from the Duke of Holland bar and Mr Byron from the property administration company JNB in P da L.

She clarifies that on Saturday (05-05-2007) or Sunday (06-05-2007) or even Monday (07-05-2007) she spoke to Robert for the first time, during breaks between interviews, where he was acting as translator.

She describes him as a pleasant and easy going individual. He was quite open and extrovert in the conversations with her, he never spoke of anything personal.

Reads, ratifies, signs.

Silvia Batista the most reliable of witnessess. Part 1


Volume II

Pages 355 - 356

Silvia Maria Correia Ramos Batista

Date/Time: 2007/05/07 11H20
Maintenance Services Director

Concerning the issue of the process said:

. That she works at the Ocean Club since 03/03/1996, having exercised this time in the function of receptionist—for around one year and a half, Reception Manager—for around three years and since this year to the present date, Director of Maintenance Services;

. That the function of Director of Maintenance and Services she is responsible , in the area of services the hiring of people, and in the area of maintenance is responsible for the admission of employees and for the good functioning of all the machinery that composes the Ocean Club, principally, in the apartments, pools, gardens, fending, etc;

. As concerns the admission of employees, this is done in the traditional way, or is, when the need for an employee is determined in an area, the situation is commented on between the various people responsible and the rest of employees;

. Generally, it is an existing employee or other who indicates that they know of someone, in the majority of cases, resident in Lagos;

. In whatever the case, there is always a labour contract made with the employee, for a minimum of six months, and a file exists of said employee which contains identification details of said person and information regarding previous professional practices;

. An exception is made when a business in contracted to carry out a service and whose business is responsible for the employees, those being in the meanwhile accompanied by that who is responsible for works and maintenance, Mister Joao Carlos Silva Batista;

. She is aware of that which occurred in the Ocean Club resort and is aware of the disappearance of the child, around 22H30 on the 03 of May, 2007, following a telephone call from her Administrator George Robin Crossland;

. She immediately went to the Ocean Club resort, and already there were the GNR, and a search was immediately carried out throughout the resort with e search being carried out by many residents and employees of the Ocean Club;

. That on the date 03/05/07, her workday began at 09H30, having entered in the Ocean Club, through the Club Zone, having walked around the pool area and prior to that the other pools;

. At around 13H00, she went to lunch in Lagos, together with her husband, Mister Joao Carlos Silva Batista, and returned around 14H30;

. That around 18H00 she left the Ocean Club resort, having returned to the same, as a result of the circumstances already described, at around 23H00;
. That during the day 03/05/07 she did not detect nothing abnormal or different on this day;

. That she also was not told of any abnormal situation which happened;
. That after the happenings and in conversation with the rest of the employees and Ocean Club management, nothing was related to her or commented upon regarding the situation that was abnormal, namely the presence of strange people in the resort;

. That the Ocean Club resort does not have a CCTV system, nor policing of the resort district;

. And nothing further was said. Having read the statement, she finds it in conformity and signs it;

. The document is duly signed by me, Helder Carmo, an Inspector with this Polícia Judiciária.

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Gerry McCann's confession: 'There is No evidence to implicate us in her DEATH'

The final words should be left to Madeleines father, who has left us in no doubt as to her fate. Gerry McCann, tired and drained, for a moment off guard , in a gravel voice confirms Madeleine is indeed dead...0.20 into the video he states ' there is NO evidence to implicate us in her DEATH' ...R.I.P. Madeleine Beth wherever you may be xx

Kate McCann : 'We’d never lied about anything – not to the police, not to the media, not to anyone else'.

Dianne Webster: Rogatory Interview.

Rachael Oldfield: Rogatory Interview.

Matthew Oldfield: Rogatory Interview

Fiona Payne : Rogatory Interview.

David Payne : Rogatory Interview

Russell O 'Brien: Rogatory Interview.

Jane Tanner: Rogatory Interview

The McCanns, from Brussels sabotaged Paulo Rebelos interviews of the Tapas 7 and by doing so put an end to any reconstruction.

Detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann have branded her parents' spokesman "a manipulative liar".

The head of the Portuguese police federation, Carlos Anjos, accused Clarence Mitchell of engineering a fight with officers to sabotage a reconstruction of the disappearance.

Police statements made by Kate and Gerry McCann were leaked to the media last week as they travelled to Brussels to promote a campaign for a child alert system.

The statements revealed Maddie was left crying the night before she vanished on May 3.

At the time, Mr Mitchell accused police of masterminding the leak to overshadow the visit.

But Mr Anjos told the respected Portuguese newspaper Jornal de Noticias: 'He is a liar and a Machiavellian.

"Mr Mitchell wants to discredit the Policia Judiciaria and invent excuses so the McCanns do not come to Portugal to participate in the reconstruction of the night she disappeared.

"He lies with as many teeth as he has in his mouth. Finally we know what side truth is on."

A second Portuguese newspaper, Diario de Noticias, claimed police believed Mr Mitchell had leaked the police statements to Spanish television journalist Nacho Abad.

Mr Mitchell said yesterday: "It is categorically untrue and utterly ridiculous to suggest that I in any way leaked documents to embarrass Kate and Gerry.

"Why on earth would I? I will not stoop to answer Mr Anjos's wild allegations. All we have ever wanted is for someone to find Madeleine, without this kind of distraction."

He said the McCanns, from Rothley, Leicestershire, were considering the request to take part in a police reconstruction.

It is not the first time that Mr Anjos has caused controversy in the 11-month investigation.

He said that police have "bigger problems" than finding Madeleine, accused her parents of using "diversionary tactics" and hindering the investigation, and said Mr McCann, 39, was "indescribably negligent".

Meanwhile the journalist, Mr Abad, said the statements did not come from Mr Mitchell or the McCanns. He refused to reveal his source, however.

Interviews of the Tapas 7 gave birth to the 'crying incident'

Paulo Rebelo arrived,the McCanns left for Brussels with a devious plan .. they were about to accuse PJ of leaking information !

Portuguese police have arrived in Britain to observe as the friends of Kate and Gerry McCann are interviewed about the night Madeleine went missing.
The detectives will not actually question the friends of the couple, the so-called Tapas Seven, but will be present at interviews carried out by officers from Leicestershire Constabulary.

They will be asked about events surrounding the evening of May 3 last year when the four-year-old disappeared from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz as her parents and friends ate at a restaurant nearby.

Clarence Mitchell, the McCann's spokesman, said the couple welcomed the interviews and were happy to be re-interviewed themselves, but a request had not been made by Portuguese detectives.

There had been speculation that diaries and Madeleine's Cuddle Cat toy could be seized from them by Portuguese officers, but it is understood that no property will be taken.

The Portuguese officers, led by Paulo Rebelo who is in charge of the Madeleine case, landed at East Midlands Airport at noon - 20 minutes early - on a flight from Faro.

They were met by British officers and were escorted out through a private exit to avoid the public arrivals lounge.

The Tapas Seven will be questioned as witnesses and are free to leave at any time, a spokesman for Leicestershire Constabulary said. No lawyers will be present.

Some interviews may begin today, but the force would not say where they were being held. It is believed they will take place at the force's headquarters in Enderby.

"Leicestershire Constabulary will be co-ordinating the execution of the request for mutual legal assistance made by the Portuguese authorities," the spokesman said.

"The Portuguese authorities have asked that the contents of the request and the way it is being executed be kept confidential so as not to prejudice their ongoing investigation."

The process of interviewing key witnesses will last several weeks, but the Portuguese detectives are believed to be returning home at the end of the week.

It has been 11 months since Madeleine disappeared from the holiday resort of Praia da Luz.

Mrs McCann, 40, and her 39-year-old husband remain arguidos - formal suspects.

The McCanns will not be in Leicestershire for the duration of the visit by Mr Rebelo and his team.

On Wednesday, they travel to Brussels to lobby MEPs for better co-ordination between European countries when a child goes missing.

They will return to Leicestershire on Thursday evening before the Portuguese officers fly home.

Paulo Rebelo and two inspectors are going to sit into the interrogations of the McCanns' friends

The Public Ministry is convinced that Maddie suffered a fatal accident at the apartment at Praia da Luz - it cannot be explained whether inside or outside - and that the parents got rid of the body, based on the searches that were performed by cadaver dogs on the vehicle that the couple rented 25 days after the disappearance of the child, where 'cadaver odour' was detected.

"It's little for an accusation. But the new interrogations may clarify many things that remain obscured. Let's give time to time. For now, the arguidos remain as suspects of the commitment of the crimes, at least, of death by negligence and concealment of a cadaver. Not even homicide can be set aside for now", a source that is connected to the process has concluded.

Paulo Rebelos team of the PJ in Leicester from the 7th to the 11th of April

The principal targets of the investigation in Leicester are going to be Russel O'Brien, Jane Tanner and Matthew Oldfield.

The first one stayed away from the dining table during 30 minutes. He explained that it was to give assistance to his own daughter, but his version has some inconsistencies.

Janne Tanner is Russel's companion and it was her who said to have seen a man with a child near the apartments. And Matthew said he saw the McCann’s children in the apartment just before Kate gave the alert.... read more

Divers hunt for Maddie in reservoir

FEB 3rd 2008

Frogmen are searching a reservoir for Madeleine McCann after being hired by a lawyer who says her body has been dumped there.

The dive is costing Portuguese Marcos Aragao Correia thousands of pounds after he was told by underworld contacts the four-year-old was murdered and her body thrown into a remote Algarve lake last May.

Divers have already found a knotted blind cord which has been handed in to Portuguese police for analysis.

The search was continuing around a water pumping tower at the Barragem do Arade reservoir, 60km (35miles) east of Praia da Luz, where Madeleine vanished eight months ago.

The lawyer, from Madeira, said he started the search because he was tired of Portuguese police failing to act on his information.

Jaqui Smith : Her aim to confuse and imply a bungling PJ.

Taken from SOS Maddie . Seems to confirm that letters were sent back by Jacqui Smith. Translated below:

The procurator was obliged to clarify the situation after publication of news that claimed that the rogatory letters were still in Portugal. The letters are seen as essential in taking forward the resolution of the mystery that is Madeleine McCann

“The rogatory letters are in fact with Jacqui Smith, but were not accepted as they were” confimed a source from the Interior Ministry (of portugal), emphasising that “the whole matter had become delicate and that Gordon Browns government would find it difficult to carry out all of the requests made by the PJ”

Madeleine: Investigation a 'fiasco' as bungling Portuguese police fail to send crucial documents to British authorities

The Madeleine McCann investigation has been branded a fiasco as it was revealed Portugal's Attorney General had not sent crucial documents to the British authorities.

Portugal's most senior law official has failed to send vital legal documents to Britain and police claim the delay has brought their investigation to a standstill.

Embarrassingly, detectives leading the hunt were convinced the documents were sent three weeks ago and had briefed journalists that Home Secretary Jacqui Smith was to blame.

Senior detectives said this week that it was "impossible" that the papers had not been sent, and questioned why the Home Office had taken almost a month to respond.

The vital documents, which took months to prepare, asked for British police to re-interview Kate and Gerry McCann's friends, set out a list of questions for them to face and asked for the seizure of items including Mrs McCann's diary and her husband's laptop.

Portuguese newspapers reported that the Home Secretary had delayed the case by failing to respond to them, and the Home Office took the unusual step of formally denying it had been sent the papers.
Then in a humiliating public climbdown, the Attorney General's office in Lisbon was forced to admit that it had not yet sent them to Whitehall.

A spokeswoman said: "The letters of appeal will be sent via the Attorney General, who will oversee their delivery."

It is yet another delay in an investigation which has been dogged by bungles, gaffes and mistakes, and friends said the McCanns were "beyond angry" about the latest setback.

A friend of the family who asked not to be named said: "We are beyond being angry about it now. The whole process is just geared up for non-activity. It's a fiasco."

The Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manha said it was "unthinkable" that the letters had not been sent.

Detectives have said they cannot proceed with the investigation until they have quizzed the seven friends who dined with Mr and Mrs McCann on the night of May 3.

They want to question the group about alleged contradictions and inconsistencies in their witness statements and are then expected to ask to re-interrogate the couple.

A police source told the Portuguese newspaper 24 Horas: "This is a fundamental procedure to attempt to understand what really happened that day in Praia da Luz.

"Without carrying out new interrogations it is not possible to finish the case."

McCann spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "How long does it take to send documents between two countries?

"If the police want to talk to anybody to clarify any inconsistencies then let's get it done as soon as possible.

"Kate and Gerry believe it will go a long way towards clearing their names and eliminating them from the inquiry. We have got nothing to hide."

Meanwhile police have said they are no longer investigating sightings of men who resemble the e-fit sketch released by the McCanns two weeks ago.

Mr and Mrs McCann, both 39, commissioned the image based on a sighting by witness Gail Cooper, 50, who saw a "creepy" man lurking in Praia da Luz a week before Madeleine vanished.

Sightings of the man pictured have been reported in Portugal, Gibraltar, Chile and Argentina since the image was sent to Interpol and reproduced on a million posters.

But a police source told the newspaper 24 Horas the sketch "was no longer being investigated as all the reports of people seeing similar men have already been dismissed".

He added: "The possibility of an abduction has not been dismissed but we have no evidence whatsoever which points in that direction."

Mr Mitchell said the McCanns' private detectives still wanted to identify the man "as a priority" and added: "We believe he could possibly be Madeleine's abductor."

He said: "We would be concerned if the police dismissed this out of hand. We would hope that any information given to the police would be given proper consideration.

"This man has yet to be traced, we are re-urging people to drag through their memories and if anyone recognises him, to get in touch."

The McCanns' £50,000-a-month private detectives, Metodo 3, have continued to distribute the sketch of the suspect, and to interview witnesses around Praia da Luz who believe they may have seen him.

But police have dismissed it as having "no credibility" and have said the picture of a man with long hair, prominent teeth and a droopy moustache could identify "dozens or hundreds" of men.


Metodo 3 were at their most active, the AGENDA to keep the news of the Rogatory Letters OUT of the media and concentrate on ludicrous sightings.

Jaqui Smith: Delay tactics

Many wrote and were angered by Jaqui Smith and her delay tactics regarding the Letters Rogatory. We all received the standard reply.
To: The Home Secretary Jacqui Smith

From: xxxxxx
Dear Madam,
I was extremely disturbed to read in the Portuguese press today, speculation that you have delayed interviewing by Scotland Yard of the so-called "Tapas 7" - friends of the parents of Madeleine McCann in the police investigation into her disappearance.
Bearing in mind the vaunting by the McCann family of Gordon Brown's personal phone calls to Gerry McCann and also Gordon Brown's personal intervention in ensuring the description of a man supposedly carrying a child away from the holiday apartment on the evening that Madeleine disappeared was released by the local police, I would urge you to assure the public that there will be NO further political involvement in a case which should be handled solely by the Portuguese and British police and the judiciary.
I look forward to your reply.
Kind regards.


Thank you for your e-mail to the Home Secretary.

It is not our usual policy to comment on individual cases, however the Home Office has not received a formal request for Mutual Legal Assistance concerning the McCann investigation. It is not appropriate to comment further.
I hope this is helpful.


Direct Communications Unit

Jaqui Smith : Rogatory Letters.

ANDREW MARR: And if the McCanns, as it's reported, are appealing to the government because they're worried about the way the forensic evidence is being treated. Is that the kind of thing the British government can help them with?

JACQUI SMITH: Well I think it's very important that the Portuguese case and the Portuguese investigation is able to continue. But where we've been asked for specialist help, and of course for the, some of the world leading forensic specialists that we have, we will provide those in order to make sure that this investigation is happening on the basis of the very best information and the very best investigatory skills.

Four of Tapas Nine 'to be named suspects' by Portuguese police

Last updated at 21:10 04 November 2007

Four close friends of Kate and Gerry McCann fear they could be named as official suspects in the hunt for Madeleine, it has been revealed.

The four - all part of the so-called Tapas Nine who dined with the McCanns on the night Madeleine vanished - have consulted lawyers over mounting speculation they could be named as arguidos, or official suspects.

Dr Russell O'Brien and his partner Jane Tanner, and their friends Dr David Payne and Matthew Oldfield have all been warned they could be made suspects within days, the Sunday Express claimed.

Police have been analysing a series of alleged contradictions in the statements the group of friends gave to police just hours after Madeleine disappeared.

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Interview: (clockwise from top left) Fiona Payne, Jane Tanner, Russell O' Brien, Rachael Oldfield
The entire group has always denied any involvement in Madeleine's disappearance. They are barred by strict Portuguese secrecy laws from speaking about the events of May 3 but last week issued a statement denying they had a "pact of silence" or that they were covering up a secret.

But a friend of the group said they realised there was a "possibility" they could be made arguidos.

He said: "There has always been the possibility that some or all of the friends from the tapas restaurant may be made arguidos if they were reinterviewed by police.

"However, it is possible but unlikely because the police have not made any moves to start that process and were last week banned from doing so unless they find more significant evidence.

"All of those who have given statements are absolutely confident about what they said because it is the truth.
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Madeleine: A smile to the camera as she plays on a slide
"A full timeline has been prepared detailing what happened on May 3, who went where at what time, in case their versions of events were ever formally questioned, which seems increasingly unlikely."

Dr Payne, 41, a cardiovascular researcher from Leicestershire, was the last person outside the McCann family to see Madeleine alive. He went to the family's apartment at 6.30pm on May 3 and said he saw Mrs McCann there with all three of her children, while Mr McCann played tennis.

Mr Oldfield, 37, from South West London, was the last of the group to go to the apartment to check on the children, about 30 minutes before the alarm was raised that Madeleine was missing. He told police he saw the two-year-old twins but that her bed was out of his line of sight.

Ms Tanner, 37, of Exeter, told police she saw a man carrying a child away from the McCanns' apartment at about 9.15pm. But police have pointed to contradictions in her statements, and to the fact that another witness said he was outside the apartment at the same time but did not see Ms Tanner or the mystery man.

Meanwhile Dr O'Brien, 36, was away from the group for up to 45 minutes while he tended to his own child, who was being sick in his apartment.

He told police he had changed her bedlinen, but staff at the Ocean Club were said to have denied that any change of sheets was requested.

Contradictions in the statements and timings given by the group have led to suggestions in the Portuguese press that they could have been involved in Madeleine's disappearance.

Criminologist Barra da Costa told the Portuguese newspaper 24 Horas that he believed one way to crack the case would be to offer immunity from prosecution to anyone involved as an accomplice.

He said: "Extreme measures should be taken to recover Madeleine.

One of those measures would be to grant immunity to any possible accomplice."

The room of the staged abduction, the bed on the left, Matt Oldfield could not have failed to see as he opened the door before checking on the twins. Oldfield later changed his statement to ONLY listening ,he now claims he did not enter the room !

The room: Madeleine's bed, left, the twins' cots and an empty bed under the shuttered window
The room: Madeleine's bed, left, the twins' cots and an empty bed under the shuttered window

Read more:

'Tapas 9' in secret McCann meeting

Kate and Gerry McCann (Reuters)
Kate and Gerry McCann held a secret meeting with the rest of the "Tapas Nine" amid reports that Portuguese police are coming to Britain to re-interview them, it was revealed yesterday.
The friends met last month for the first time since the McCanns' four-year-old daughter Madeleine vanished in Portugal seven months ago.

They were all dining with the couple in a tapas bar near the holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, where Madeleine was sleeping with two-year-old twin brother and sister Sean and Amelie.

Portuguese police were furious about the meeting. A source close to the investigation claimed it was "highly suspicious" that they had met up to "talk tactics".

Detectives are said to be awaiting formal clearance to come to Britain and question the nine again about alleged discrepancies in their statements.
But the couple's spokesman Clarence Mitchell denied that the nine had gathered to square their accounts before a police visit.

He said the emotional reunion "a few weeks ago" at a hotel near the couple's home in Rothley, Leics "was just to discuss the overall situation.

"They weren't comparing notes or doing anything untoward. It was an operational meeting to discuss what might be coming up in the next few weeks.

"They are in touch all the time by phone and emails anyway but decided to meet face to face. They were together for a few hours and discussed the overall position. They wanted to see each other because they hadn't done so for some time."

He added: "It was a private meeting and I therefore don't want to say more about it."

The other seven members of the party are heart specialist Dr David Payne, 41, his doctor wife Fiona, 34, hospital consultant Dr Russell O'Brien, 36, his partner Jane Tanner, 37, endocrinologist Dr Matthew Oldfield, 37, and wife Rachael, 36, and Dr Payne's mother Dianne Webster

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They are key witnesses who gave police crucial evidence supporting the couple's belief that Madeleine was kidnapped.

Jane Tanner claims to have seen a man carrying a small child in pink pyjamas like Madeleine's away from the flat. Three have given statements claiming they saw Robert Murat, the first official suspect, outside the apartment - though he claimed he was at home with his mother.

A friend of the couple claimed the meeting gave the lie to a rumour that some of the party had fallen out with the McCanns and were preparing to change their statements.

The source said: "It was a show of solidarity under police claims that one or two had wanted to change their stories. That is not the case and the meeting showed that.

"It was a meeting to express support by the friends and just to see each other again. They hadn't all seen each other for months."

The friend said the reunion last month was kept secret because of the huge interest it would have generated.

The McCanns were officially made suspects on September 7 by Portuguese police, who believed they accidentally killed Madeleine and hid her body. Some detectives are said to have suspected that some or all of the seven helped cover up the crime.

A furious Portuguese police source said: "This meeting is highly suspicious.

"The McCanns left Portugal and flew home the moment they were made suspects and refused to answer many key questions about what had happened.

"Now, they and their friends are about to be re-interviewed and it is revealed they have met up in secret in a hotel.

"The McCanns are suspects and their friends are witnesses who could soon also have arguido (official suspect) status. They should not be meeting to discuss the case and certainly not the evidence."$j05kzFvXx88gtAAcvxW7eOCjIwtmBmMpckilLacOtv6SGImmIaKU4Recs6zdBUS7pZQrdFg0QfVITOFaqrLuaMcozP0u/b3OhmxPxNdaftOnOYgZbk9yRGVkVPD

Friday, June 17, 2011

McCanns denied the TAPAS reunion.

One month later Mitchell confirms the meeting did take place.

Madeleine McCann's parents have met the seven friends they dined with when she disappreared.

The group, dubbed the 'Tapas Nine', met at a Leicestershire hotel at the end of last month, the McCann's spokesman said today.

It was the first face-to-face meeting of the group since the McCanns' return to Britain.

But their spokesman denied the meeting was held for the friends to compare their accounts of May 3, the day the four-year-old disappeared.
tapas Rachael Oldfield, Fiona Payne and Russell O’Brien in Praia da Luz after Madeleine vanished. They and the rest of the so- called Tapas Nine had a reunion in a Leicester hotel
Clarence Mitchell said: 'It was uneventful as far as we are concerned and it's not significant.

'It is the first time the nine have sat down face to face. It was really just a get-together to discuss where they are at.

'Clearly, some might face further questioning at some stage. It was not to change stories or compare notes. It was a get-together of friends who find themselves at the centre of a story.'

The McCanns were dining with the seven friends at a tapas restaurant in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz when Madeleine went missing from their holiday apartment.

The party included the McCanns, Russell O'Brien and his partner Jane Tanner, Rachael and Matthew Oldfield, Fiona and David Payne, and Mrs Payne's mother Dianne Webster.

Mr Mitchell said advisers for the Rothley couple were present: 'The meeting was as much a show of support for Gerry and Kate. This was in no way to get their stories straight.

'This is the age of email and phone. They could have done that a long time ago.'

Read more:

Kate and Gerry McCann deny the Tapas Nine met ‘to get story straight’

December 11, 2007

David Brown

The parents of Madeleine McCann have denied that they held a secret meeting with the seven friends who dined with them on the night of their daughter’s disappearance to “get their stories straight”.

Kate and Gerry McCann were reunited with the friends two weeks ago for the first time since Madeleine was reported missing at a Portuguese holiday resort on May 3.

The meeting comes just weeks before the McCanns, from Rothley, Leicestershire, and their friends are expected to be interviewed by police over apparent inconsistencies in their witness statements. The group, known as the Tapas Nine, discussed events at Praia da Luz and what will happen next in the investigations. Mr and Mrs McCann, both 39, hope that they will soon be cleared as official suspects.

Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for the McCanns, denied that the meeting was held for the friends to compare their accounts of events at the Ocean Club resort. “It is the first time the nine have sat down face to face. It was really just a get-together to discuss where they are at,” he said.

“This was in no way to get their stories straight. This is the age of e-mail and phone. They could have done that a long time ago.” The couple’s advisers were present at the meeting, in a hotel in Rothley. Portuguese detectives and a public prosecutor are reported to be finalising a series of formal letters asking for some of the McCann group to be reinterviewed in Britain.

One of the friends has reported seeing a man carrying a small child away from the McCanns’ apartment at about the time Madeleine is believed to have been abducted, six days before her fourth birthday. Three of the friends have given statements claiming to have seen Robert Murat, the only other official suspect, outside the apartment, though he said that he spent the evening at home with his mother.

The friends are Russell O’Brien, 36, a consultant in acute medicine in Exe-ter, and his partner Jane Tanner, 37; David Payne, 41, a fellow in cardiovascular sciences at University of Leicester, and his wife Fiona, 34, also a doctor; Dr Matthew Oldfield, 37, an endocrinologist in Kingston, Surrey, and his wife Rachael, 36, a recruitment consultant; and Dr Payne’s mother, Dianne Webster. “[The meeting] was a show of solidarity under police claims that one or two had wanted to change their stories,” a source close to the couple said. “That is just not the case and the meeting showed that.”

Meanwhile, a former Portuguese police chief said that the McCanns should have been arrested as soon as their daughter disappeared for abandoning their children.

Paulo Pereira Cristóvão, who left the PolÍcia Judiciária this year to head the Portuguese Association for Missing Children, told the 24 Horas newspaper: “When the parents told police that they went to dinner and left the children at home alone, they confessed to the crime of abandonment. The penalty of abandonment is at least three years’ imprisonment.” ... 031543.ece

November 2007...movement after Paulo Rebelo and his new investigation concluded there was 'no neglect'

Seven children were all together, whose apartment is of no importance, although probably the Paynes as Fiona said they all went there for lunch, they have a balcony and the apartment was much larger than the rest of the members of their party. Plus they had a baby monitor and if the 'babysitter' had any problems they would be able to hear and return to help out.

Madeleine, with her sleep problem, sedated, left alone in apartment 5a, explaining why Mrs.Fenn only heard the screams of one child.

November and the activity that followed, their secret was out, they had ALL lied ,neglect was fabricated to prove abduction.

These are the events that followed.

In my opinion it was true that Jane Tanner and Russell O'Brien wished to change their statements, they were pressured, threatened. Information that a bag had been found with traces of Madeleines DNA  on a fleece and a pair of jeans. Jane Tanner said the night of May 3rd she was wearing Russell's fleece.

There are no reports of this bag in the files therefore it was fabricated, made- up by the McCanns to silence and frighten Tanner and O'Brien. I also believe that the 'missing' blue bag is still in the possession of the McCanns with a pair of jeans and a fleece belonging to Russell.

The bag alleged to have been found containing Madeleines DNA, was reported by the press...November 3rd 2007

04 November 2007....4 Tapas to be made arguidos

09 November 2007

Changes in the evidence of two of the so-called Tapas Nine could "dramatically change" the Madeleine McCann investigation, it was claimed yesterday.

The pair who allegedly want to correct their version of events were named yesterday in a Portuguese newspaper as Russell O'Brian and his partner Jane Tanner

Robert Murat , his mother, Brian Kennedy,his lawyer Edward Smethurst and Murats lawyer Francisco Pagarete met at Burgau on ........Wednesday November 13th 2007.

The Tapas 9 ALL met at Rothley Court Manor .......Saturday November 16th

December 4th 2007. Kate McCann wrote to Paulo Rebelo.

Links to follow....

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fear of 'no neglect' exposure at the same time discussing movie deals.

Kate McCann wrote of her suffering, it had been seven long months she told Paulo Rebelo...However, eight months since Madeleines disappearance the McCanns were discussing movie deals. The parents were warned of a backlash and McCann wrote in his blog the 'movie deal' was untrue, they backed off...but the risk of being exposed as 'non child neglectors' was gaining momento, nothing but silence came from the PJ as Paulo Rebelo went quitely about his investigation.

The theory of 'no neglect' sent Kate McCann into a tailspin, she wrote to Rebelo asking him to 'share' information.

Rachael Oldfield : Wednesday evening did not attend Tapas.

Rachael ......'.but I was ill on the Tuesday night, erm so on Wednesday, actually on Wednesday it was raining anyway, so I think all, all the tennis lessons and everything were cancelled, erm but so I was ill so, I was in bed”.

1578 “And when you say we, you’re referring to yourself and Matthew”?

Reply “Yes, yeah, erm so yeah Wednesday was slightly different I suppose cos it rained and things were off, although by the afternoon it had cleared up, erm and so on Wednesday night I didn’t go to dinner cos I’d thrown up the night before, you know it was just another weird thing about holiday cos I’m never ill, neither is Matt, as long as I’ve known him I’ve never known him be sick, erm”.

1578 “So you, on the Wednesday evening then, you stayed in the apartment with G***e”?

Reply “Yeah, yeah. I remember reading my book on the sofa for a while and then think I, I went to bed but it would have been quite, you know it would have been about nine, cos I’d been up most of the night before....

Fiona Payne: Every night there was somebody who was sick actually

Fiona still obsessed about Sunday

Erm, you know, there was, I’m trying to think if anyone was ill on the Sunday night actually, because we had a bit of illness in the group as well and there were nights, I think, every night there was somebody who was sick actually.

And I think Matt might have been ill on, it was either Sunday or the Monday, erm, and, you know, one of those nights he wasn’t there for dinner.

And then Rachael, erm, wasn’t there, I think that was the Wednesday night, she was ill, Tuesday or Wednesday. So there were night when, yeah, there was only eight of us at the table .

I believe we have our babysitters.

Fiona Payne : Rogatory Interview

DC 1485 MESSIAH: Tries to pin Fiona down for Sunday and the events of the day but she does everything in her power to stay away. Fiona also claims the checks were every 20 minutes. Fiona's only interest is to talk about Thursday but appears to have an obsession with SUNDAY!.


It would appear that the group would meet at the Paynes for lunch except on Thursday May 3rd.

“Erm, I’m sure they did, yeah, yeah. I mean, I think every, I think every lunch, bar the Thursday, we had people in the apartment having lunch. Erm, and my mum generally was the sandwich maker, that was a bit of a joke for the week, she’d took it upon herself to do loads of shopping, erm, while we were sort of sailing and stuff, she, she’d go to the Supermarket and get loads of, loads of provisions in and she’d be making piles of baguettes and, erm, yeah, and everyone would generally descend on ours and demolish the lot.

Erm, and, yeah, we just all mucked in to cook for the kids, we generally tried to give them a hot, a hot lunch and, you know, people would just donate whatever was in their apartment”.


So, yeah, I don’t think Sunday was any different in that regard, you know, we ate at ours”.
“When the afternoon draws to a close and then we are going into early evening”.


“Tell me about what you can remember about the early evening, leading up to the time that you put your children to bed?”

On the Sunday?”00.47.11

Phew, again, I, I can’t remember specifically Sunday. Erm, all I can say is, on the whole, we would just go down and play with the kids. I mean, our kids would sleep until sort of half three, often four o’clock, often we were getting them up a bit earlier, walking them up just to have a bit of a playtime before the tea. Erm, but we generally in the evening we would just go down to the play area by the Tapas Bar. Erm, tut, and on a couple of, on a couple of occasions we took them to the beach late afternoon if the weather was nice and I couldn’t tell you”.


I know on the Thursday we did, that’s what we did, and one of the previous days we did that, erm, we took them to the beach, and I couldn’t tell you which day that was. I don’t think it was Sunday, I would have guessed around Monday, erm, I don’t think it was Sunday. Erm, because we fed, on that occasion, the times we went to the beach, we fed them at the restaurant that was on the beach. Erm, but I have a feeling on the Sunday, because that would have been the first sort of full day if you like, I think we did use the, erm, kids high tea, so we would have been at the Tapas Bar to feed the kids”.

Remember Matt claims he was sick Sunday and did not attend dinner

“No, one of the days, I think, Matt did a bit of sailing one of the days later on, it wasn’t the Sunday, erm, I would guess either the Tuesday or the Wednesday, erm, I can’t remember which morning, but he didn’t have the lesson, he just wanted to take a boat out, erm, so one of those mornings he, he did take, erm, a catamaran out on his own”.

Matthew Oldfield: Sunday evenings babysitter...

'So I felt completely icky all the day Sunday, so I think to try and avoid infecting anybody else, I didn’t do much outside the apartment and certainly in the evening I didn’t go for, erm, didn’t go for dinner with everybody else”.

Rachael Oldfield . Rogatory Interview. Checked every 15 - 20 minutes.

.....Tapas for us and we just thought we’d do our own sort of baby listening as you know we, well you know if we’d been in another Mark WARNER resort that’s what would have happened”.

00.29.02 1578 “When you say us, who do you mean”?

Reply “As a group so”.

1578 “The whole group”?

Reply “Yeah. So basically we’d go and have dinner and then we’d sort of run back you know every fifteen twenty minutes and have a listen at the door and make sure nobody’s screaming their head off”.

1578 “So you, you booked the table on the Sunday evening”?

Reply “On the Sunday yes”.

1578 “For eight thirty”?

Reply “Yeah”.

1578 “For nine adults”?

Reply “Yeah, yeah, erm so the children had tea at the sort of, there’s a little, the little area near the Tapas Bar, they had high tea there all the kids not just ours, they had tea there at about quarter to five, erm and then afterwards I think we just played in the recreation area and then you know G***e, I mean you know she’s normally in bed by half seven, so we kind of stuck to the same sort of times as we did in the UK. Got her down and then had showers and kind of ready to go down to the table for eight thirty, erm yeah and then went down there for dinner, erm we’d take turns going back to, to the room to check”.

1578 “So what sort of arrangements did you come to as a group in respect of checking on the children”?

Reply “That we would just check our own children basically, erm”.

1578 “How often”?

Reply “Erm about sort of every twenty minutes, I mean we kind of, I mean Gerry and Kate were very good about you know doing it every twenty minutes,

I think they must have been a bit oh okay, think it’s about twenty minutes so we’ll, we’ll go and have a look and you know so everyone went at different times, it wasn’t like everyone suddenly got up to go and check, erm”.

Madeleine McCann reconstruction

Paulo Sargento, a criminal psychologist at Lusófona University in Libson, has produced a 3D reconstruction of events at the Ocean Club on the evening Madeleine disappeared.

He used minute-by-minute breakdowns of events published in The Times, the respected Portuguese newspapers Público and Sol and the BBC to test all hypotheses put forward by the Portuguese authorities.

Dr Sargento cross-checked times and events from the moment that Kate and Gerry McCann went to pick up their children from the resort’s kindergarten at 4pm, until 10pm, when Mrs McCann reported that Madeleine was missing from their apartment.

He found that from the moment when the McCanns arrived at the tapas restaurant at 8pm, seven people in their party got up a total of 14 times in two hours.

Dr Sargento told SIC television: “There were people passing almost every five minutes. The question is how, in that time, could it be possible with so many people coming and going that no one saw someone coming in through the window without being seen? We have concluded this theory is very inconsistent.”

Reconstruction casts doubt on Madeleine kidnapping

Watch the reconstruction

A significant study into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has indicated that kidnapping would be inconsistent with the evidence.

Paulo Sargento, a criminal psychologist at Lusófona University in Libson, has produced a 3D reconstruction of events at the Ocean Club on the evening Madeleine disappeared.

He used minute-by-minute breakdowns of events published in The Times, the respected Portuguese newspapers Público and Sol and the BBC to test all hypotheses put forward by the Portuguese authorities.

Dr Sargento cross-checked times and events from the moment that Kate and Gerry McCann went to pick up their children from the resort’s kindergarten at 4pm, until 10pm, when Mrs McCann reported that Madeleine was missing from their apartment.

He found that from the moment when the McCanns arrived at the tapas restaurant at 8pm, seven people in their party got up a total of 14 times in two hours.

Dr Sargento told SIC television: “There were people passing almost every five minutes. The question is how, in that time, could it be possible with so many people coming and going that no one saw someone coming in through the window without being seen? We have concluded this theory is very inconsistent.”

It is understood that the recreation will be made available to the Polícia Judiciária to assist them in creating a definitive timeline of events on the Ocean Club.

Children were not alone...

Paulo Rebelo, an assistant national director of the Polícia Judiciária (PJ), has taken over responsibility for the Madeleine McCann case. He made his name in the investigation into Portugal’s most notorious paedophile ring... "Police believe that Madeleine and her twin brother and sister may not have been alone in the McCann holiday apartment, but that the children of seven British friends who were on holiday with the McCanns were also present when Madeleine disappeared on May 3, the 24 Horas newspaper claimed... The newspaper does not explain how any forensic evidence could be pinpointed to the evening of Madeleine’s disappearance." - McCann children 'were not alone in apartment'

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gordon Brown : 'friends in common'

In the year of 2008, there was a debate on Sky News, Gordon Brown and Martin Brunt both present with a couple of other journalists. The debate and what it was about incidental ,when suddenly from out of the blue Martin Brunt asked Brown why he had helped the McCanns, Brown turned slightly in his seat, shrugged his shoulders, smiled and replied 'friends in common'. Martin did not respond and the moment was lost.

The above link demonstrates the hatred between Blair and Brown and obvious Brown had plenty of 'sleaze'  to bring him down if he chose. Therefore, it would have been possible for Brown to have helped the McCanns with or without Blairs approval at that time if indeed they do have 'friends in common'.

PJ Fishing trip. 7 children were together !

Yesterday three detectives visited the apartment where Madeleine disappeared to reconstruct what happened.

They were there for five hours. Their new boss Paulo Rebelo, 45, is understood to favour a rethink of every aspect of the investigation.

The McCanns spokesman Clarence Mitchell scoffed at the cops new allegations, saying: If you put seven children together you are going to have a far harder time getting them to sleep than three. The latest theory casts doubt not only on what Kate and Gerry have always said but knocks statements by the three couples they holidayed with.

FOOTNOTE: Mitchell so busy explaining how to put 7 children to sleep, he does not mention the McCanns apartment or the fact that in this 'new' theory there is a missing child ! No one had mentioned anything about putting children to sleep. We now know from Kates book how important it is for us to know the children were sedated according to her, on two occasions.

Read more:

McCanns Encouraged By New Madeleine Push

Daily Record

Oct 11 2007

KATE and Gerry McCann were last night said to be "encouraged" after the search for their missing daughter Madeleine gained new impetus.

They have renewed hope after Portugal's second most senior detective took charge of the case - just as a major paedophile ring was busted in the country.

Paulo Rebelo, 45, has vowed to implement a "root and branch" review of the floundering five-month probe into four-year-old Madeleine's disappearance.

And as Rebelo took over, 80 suspected paedophiles were arrested. Some 150 computers containing child porn were also seized at 75 homes in Portugal.

Now Operation Predator officers have been told to scan the vile footage for Madeleine - as police re-examine the theory she was snatched by perverts.

The McCanns' spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, said: "We are encouraged by news of such police activity and would hope any evidence that proves relevant to the search for Madeleine will be swiftly acted upon."

A friend of the family said the arrests showed the "scale of the problem" in Portugal.

She added: "The police appear to be looking in the right direction.

It may provide vital leads."

Rebelo is expected to liaise with the Predator team after being officially handed the reins.

His predecessor, Goncalo Amaral, was removed after he criticised British police.

Rebelo's appointment is clearly boosting the probe and his team have already returned to the holiday flat in Praia da Luz where Madeleine went missing from in May.