Wednesday, June 15, 2011

PJ Fishing trip. 7 children were together !

Yesterday three detectives visited the apartment where Madeleine disappeared to reconstruct what happened.

They were there for five hours. Their new boss Paulo Rebelo, 45, is understood to favour a rethink of every aspect of the investigation.

The McCanns spokesman Clarence Mitchell scoffed at the cops new allegations, saying: If you put seven children together you are going to have a far harder time getting them to sleep than three. The latest theory casts doubt not only on what Kate and Gerry have always said but knocks statements by the three couples they holidayed with.

FOOTNOTE: Mitchell so busy explaining how to put 7 children to sleep, he does not mention the McCanns apartment or the fact that in this 'new' theory there is a missing child ! No one had mentioned anything about putting children to sleep. We now know from Kates book how important it is for us to know the children were sedated according to her, on two occasions.

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